Recently, I shopped at Valley Tack with my two daughters, who will be beginning riding lessons this month.  I am not a rider, myself, so I was a little apprehensive about navigating all the choices available in riding gear. However, the staff at Valley Tack was so helpful and courteous, and my two daughters were very quickly outfitted in breeches, boots and helmets.  In addition, we were very pleased with the prices on all of our merchandise.  It’s great to know that as our family embarks on this new hobby, we have such a friendly and helpful resource in Valley Tack.

Kate Eich, Strongsville.

How do I summarize in just a few sentences what is a lifetime of friendships, memories, and shopping? I’m proud to say that I am one of many multi-generation families that are Valley Tack Shop patrons. It’s not just the place down the road that I occasion to buy breeches and fly spray. The tack shop has expanded its floor plan more times than I can count but never lost it’s earthy coziness. The shop girls are just as much my friends and mentors as they are the helpful gang who tolerate me finding the perfect jeans. And I too, enjoy the fact that on any given visit, I may be asked to help another customer with a question or product search or that I will spend time sitting on the bench catching up with everyone’s personal news. Valley Tack Shop stands alone in the world of warehouse, discount internet, impersonal, catalog order suppliers. I love my Valley Girls, who know my name, and laugh with me and celebrate triumphs together with me and my farm family. You can argue retail versus discount prices, availability of products, even the lack of an internet ordering system. But you can’t argue that Valley Tack Shop is a family, my family, the horse community’s family. Thank you all for everything you mean to me.
Sarah Vas
Winfield Farm & Forge
Grafton, Ohio